Muratec E-LOGICS


Toward connected industries,
and connected societies

“Muratec E-LOGICS” is an integrated brand of logistics, software, and solutions provided by Muratec in order to realize logistics infrastructure in the coming age: connected logistics. We provide one-stop solutions, where every piece of information from daily operations that change from moment to moment, management and maintenance, to emergency responses at logistics sites dynamically responds to various systems within supply chains, including external distribution centers, sales and production, and transportation and delivery, with full-turnkey from WMS to WCS, equipment control, through sensing that visualizes sites.

IoT platforms

Muratec’s material-handling equipment can visualize various site events with mounted cameras and sensors. Through integrated data management of this visualized information together with the control information of each device and operational information of WMS, on-site systems can be recreated in cyberspace.
What is happening now on-site and what should be done are studied, analyzed, and diagnosed to follow the CPS(Cyber-Physical System) cycle that is used for operational improvements, optimization, preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, etc., on physical sites. “IoT platforms” are designed for autonomy and optimization of logistics systems in the coming age of connected logistics.

Remote support

Integrated data management to visualize what is happening now on-site and what should be done does not end in factories or distribution centers but is also connected with the outside. By connecting with customer support, customer facilities can be monitored from remote locations. For example, the actual operational information data collected by sensing is utilized for high-accuracy preventive maintenance and immediate identification of the cause in case of trouble, and by combining data with on-site camera images, appropriate work support to maintenance staff is provided. It is a remote connection solution, which will lead to predictive maintenance by AI, and autonomous and optimized system operations in the coming age of connected logistics.

SCM solutions

Connected logistics requires system integration by which useful and valuable information can be mutually provided and utilized to follow the PDCA cycle appropriately within a supply chain while actual information of on-site management operations is linked with various external systems seamlessly in real time. “Muratec E-LOGICS” evolves customers' SCM to realize connected logistics; where operations of multiple distribution centers working in a coordinated manner are autonomously optimized in dynamic response to changes in sales and production as well as transportation and delivery, and the entire supply chain is optimized by autonomously adjusting shipments and replenishment between warehouses.


Muratec E-LOGICS