Logistics System

We are the world’s leading system integrator with a demonstrated record of performance of approximately 10,000 systems in 30 countries around the world.
We provide optimum logistics systems to our respective customers making full use of our abundant experience and know-how we have accumulated in various industries for over half a century.

Value we provide

We provide solutions to
strengthen your SCM
(Supply Chain Management).

Strengthen your SCM with our logistics solutions ― That is the value Muratec promises to provide to its customers.


We have technological
capabilities to formulate
optimum solutions through
extensive communication with
our customers.

Muratec’s strength is customer-oriented system integration which has been chosen by leading companies in various industries. We provide logistics solutions optimized for each customer with problem-solving capabilities backed by many years of experience and know-how as well as meticulous customization.


We provide total coordination
for your project.

Muratec has built a number of large-scale systems in Japan and overseas. We provide advanced project management capabilities that enable total coordination from hardware engineering to on-site construction management and information systems implementation.

One-stop solutions

We continue to evolve our
logistics systems in line with
your business.

Muratec provides one-stop solutions from conceptual planning of optimum systems to engineering that realizes such plans, smooth construction management and handover. We also make proposals for the evolution of logistics systems in line with your business strategies from after-sales follow-ups after the start of operation to operational improvement planning and renewal in response to changes in the business environment.

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